Result-Driven Lead Generation for Dubai's Real Estate Market

We create and manage lead generation campaigns for real estate agents on Facebook and TikTok to connect with investors and homebuyers daily.


Why choose Smith Digital ?

Lead Generation 

We create a strategy that is in line with your brand. We ensure that the strategy we develop is well-suited to your brand and its values.

Campaigns Management

Our team handles all aspects of creating, running, optimizing, and scaling campaigns to attract potential customers effectively.

Strategic Marketing Advisory

We are always happy to offer strategic advice to our customers during our collaboration. We’ll always update you about your ads.

This isn’t a fancy consulting agency where you’re paying for conversation. Instead, you’re paying for results.

We don’t like fluff. We don’t like to be paid for advice. We like to deliver results, and that’s what we charge you for.

When working with us you can be sure of one thing:

We’ll deliver the highest possible ROAS (return on ad spend) possible with your service.

Get In Touch With INVESTORS and HOMEBUYERS Every Day

4-6 years ago, listing properties on platforms like…

… was more than enough to close deals, and generate a consistent stream of leads.

Well, now it’s no longer enough.

Real estate portals like these are essential, but in order to succeed you also need to run ads.

You need lead generation.

You need active lead generation campaigns on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc.

The most successful realtors know that, and actively using these platforms to generate leads in a daily basis.

That’s why you need to do that right. You need a solid strategy behind you.

You see…

As the competition increases, even on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, the traffic costs increase as a consequence. 

In turn, gaining people’s trust with your marketing actions is harder and more expensive, especially without expertise.

Doing that without a solid marketing strategy behind everything is simply impossible.

So if you were struggling with your lead generation campaigns, that’s one of the reasons why you didn’t get the results you were looking for right now.

On the other hand, if you were just looking to outsource your campaigns and get the same — if not better — results, you probably already know all of that.

Your main concern right now is finding the right company to entrust with your marketing and lead generation needs…

Believe me, I know it’s not easy.

I have experience when it comes to real estate.

Both as a realtor…

But also as a marketing expert.

I have been working closely with various real estate professionals, conducting market research and gaining insights into the most common obstacles.

The biggest being:

The truth is:

Most social media agencies focus on pointless numbers, promising followers, likes and impressions.

Many of them focus on managing your social media pages and posting cute little pictures, and yet, they don’t even mention metrics like customer acquisition costs, ROI, CR, and so on.

A few of them might be able to get you some random contacts…

But none of them ever talks about PROFILING the leads.

I suppose you’re not new when it comes to lead generation.

In that case, you know full well that there’s an OCEAN of difference between a random contact of someone who accidentally left their information because the picture looked nice and…

A profiled lead who’s truly interested in buying a specific property or investment opportunity.

This is what my company focuses on — generating high-quality leads.

So, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to marketing and lead generation.

But also real estate. 

I have experience at 360 degrees in the industry, having studied it not only as a marketing expert but also as a buyer — experiencing the industry’s main concerns and problems from a lead perspective — and service provider, coaching and training agents and real estate professionals.

I know what people expect when they’re looking for property.

I know what hooks them, gets their interests and, more importantly, how to gain their trust. 

At the same time, I understand very well the challenges of realtors and real estate brokerages: 

The lack of quality leads, the negotiation with owners and clients, and the struggle of following up with leads.

So... How to generate a consistent flow of profiled contacts for Real Estate?

Now, to understand HOW to do that, it’s important to highlight what not to do.

So you’ll know what you need to avoid when choosing the right company for your lead generation. 

You can no longer randomly promote things on Facebook and Instagram. It didn’t work well 5 years ago. It doesn’t work now.

And it just doesn’t work at all.

You need to have a strategy.

A solid one that you need to customize according to the audience you want to target and the properties or projects you want to promote.

Otherwise, you’ll just waste a TON of money trying to compete with the industry giants — and we all can imagine how that might end.

You need to be smarter and leverage the HUGE potential of the market and its growing demand with the right approach, like my team and I do with our clients!

We’ve offered advertising management to many real estate companies in the past few years.

We haven’t only helped them to generate a consistent flow of quality leads…

We’ve also helped them to differentiate themselves from the competition, establish a trustworthy and solid online presence…

And even expand their domain overseas, targeting profitable markets you’ve never even thought about.

So, if you’re looking for real marketing and lead generation experts to handle your advertising campaigns even with significant budgets, you might be eligible for our lead generation package.

As you probably know at this point, it’s not the common lead generation service you’ve seen from other “agencies” out there.

We’re a marketing company, not a social media agency.

We won’t promise you impressions, followers, likes, or whatever.

And we’re not going to post on social media.

So if you’re looking for some social media management, that’s not what we do or even offer. 

We’ll be thinking, developing, creating, and handling ALL your lead generation campaigns and providing you with all the necessary advice to increase your results, such as the quality of the leads, the CR, the ROI, and the profit.

We will create and develop targeted strategies according to your projects and the audience you want to target, using ALL the platforms necessary to reach our same goal:  

Get Qualified Leads.

You’ll receive precise guidelines on the materials we’ll need from you, and once everything is up, we’ll ACTIVELY MANAGE the Ads. 

What does this mean?

Effective advertising goes far beyond creating a campaign and pressing on. I believe you can do this yourself.

To get a steady flow of leads and optimize the results we’re getting, we’ll be monitoring the campaigns daily, checking the results, and making all the necessary changes to increase the quality of the leads and improve the metrics that truly impact your business (ROI, CPS, CR, and so on).

We’ll constantly contact you or your team to check on the results and ensure we’re moving in the right direction.

Aside from all this, we’ll also provide you with marketing advice on different areas.

So, if you're looking for real expertise in lead generation…

If you’re looking for a solid team of experts that can actively develop, set up, and manage your campaigns to get the most out of your advertising budget (even a significant one)…

If you’re looking to attract quality leads consistently with tailor-made strategies, standing out from your competitors…

Then you can book an appointment with us, and if you’re eligible for our services, we will tell you the details about a possible cooperation on the free discovery call.

Result-Driven Lead Generation for Dubai’s Real Estate Market

Gregory Smith is a self-made entrepreneur, and the secret marketing weapon of hundreds of entrepreneurs in Europe and in Dubai.

With his direct experience and in-depth understanding of the most competitive markets worldwide – including Europe – he is the mind behind hundreds of marketing campaigns, generating thousands of customers to companies across Europe, and the Middle East.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should my monthly advertising budget be?

We only work with real estate companies that can spend at least 8,000 AED per month.

Will you handle the entire creation of the ads (Video, content, etc.)?

Yes, we’ll create all the ads needed for your campaigns. This includes the content writing and also the editing and montage of any video and picture needed.

What will you need from me for the creation of the ads?

According to your business and audience, we’ll need from you photos and videos that we’ll edit accordingly to suit our advertising strategy.

What if I don't have any picture or video suitable for the ads?

In case you don’t have any picture or video we can use for the ads, we’ll provide you with comprehensive guidelines for the creation of the materials we need.

Do I need to hire a Photographer / Videomaker?

It depends. Most of the time, you don’t. You’ll be able to create videos and photos with your iPhone or a smartphone without having to hire a photographer / videomaker.

How many ads will you create?

As many as needed. There is not a precise number because it depends. But we will create dozens of combinations and we will keep improving, testing, rotating and creating more combinations over the time.

Do you take a cut from the advertising budget?

Absolutely not. We do not take a cut. The entire allocated budget is spent directly on the designated platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). We do not take a fee, a percentage or anything else based on the ad spend.

Which social media platforms will be included?

All the necessary platforms to reach the designated goals. We are not a supermarket and you don’t need a shopping list. Every platform useful to reach leads, customers and sales will be used.

Will you also post on my social media pages every day?

No, but we’ll provide guidance on how do it to be coherent with the marketing and advertising strategy. You will also be able to post some of the content made for the ads directly on your pages.


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